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LitCast (NI): Episode 1 - Internal considerations at the outset of a dispute

May 24, 2021 litigation, podcast, training

Welcome to Eversheds Sutherland Northern Ireland’s newly launched litigation training podcast series

LitCast has been designed to assist legal teams or businesses with limited litigation resource or experience navigate the litigation process. Our aim is to help anyone who is either facing or considering bringing a claim to better understand the key points from the outset.

The first series of podcasts will focus on key considerations at the beginning of a dispute, in what is known as the ‘pre-action’ stage, before a claim is served. There will be four episodes, each discussing a different aspect of the pre-action process. 

For further information about the webinar series please contact:

  • Matthew Howse, Partner in Dispute Resolution and Litigation -
  • Emily Paisley, Associate in Dispute Resolution and Litigation -